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Who we are

Ozpack, part of the Kinrise Manufacturing business, provides our manufacturing partners with all the necessary skills and services to manage products from concept through to development, blending, packaging and onto full-service supply chain management.

2003 –  Ozpack began co-manufacturing teabags at Stud Rd Scoresby.
2004 –  Ozpack began manufacturing dry foods.
2007 –  Ozpack acquired an additional manufacturing site at 35 Koornang Rd, Scoresby.
2011 –  Ozpack leases an addition warehouse at 39 Koornang Rd, Scoresby.
2012 –  Ozpack acquired a manufacturing facility in Braeside.
2013 –  Ozpack extends factory at 35 Koornang Rd.
2013 –  manufacturing at Stud Rd is relocated, expanding premises at Koornang Rd.
2018 – Ozpack is acquired by Kinrise

Our Values

Kinrise is built on the foundation of five core values. These values guide our decisions and how we behave every day. We strive to make a positive impact on each other, our communities and our consumers.

We believe that how we achieve our results is as important as the results we achieve.

As we strive towards becoming the powerhouse in Australian food manufacturing, it’s the living of our values that will build our reputation as a great place to work and a great Australian business with the consumer at the core.

Our 5 core values

We are Driven

We have the soul of a start-up
We love success and celebrate it
We seek opportunities to collaborate
We are resourceful and create long-term value
We passionately do what we say we will

We are Real

We treat everyone with respect
We are authentic and humble
We speak our minds openly
We are courageous and we thrive on feedback
We learn from each other, or we learn from the best

We care

We value people as the key to our success
We never walk by on safety
We do better for the planet and our communities
We put consumers at the heart of all we do
We treasure our reputation

We are proud

We have an owner’s mindset
We innovate and inspire every day
We are uncompromising on quality
We love and nurture our brands
We believe good ideas come from anywhere

We are different

We embrace our diversity
We are entrepreneurial and agile
We listen for understanding
We are bold, and we think big
We challenge the status quo


Safety is of fundamental importance at Ozpack. Ozpack is committed to supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices as well as providing a safe and healthy place to work where all personnel, including production personnel, contractors and management, take responsibility of their own safety and wellbeing and the safety of others around them.

 Ozpack requires its activities to conform to relevant state and federal legislation and good, established practices including Australian Standards. We want our staff to be fit, healthy and happy, to perform at their best and motivated to provide best practice in all manufacturing standards.

Our Sites

35 Koornang Road Scoresby, VIC, 3179

Helen Kob Drive, Braeside ViC, 3195

29 Glendenning Road, Glendenning NSW 2761

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