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“Ozpack provides our manufacturing partners with all the necessary skills and services to manage products from concept through to development, blending, packaging and onto full-service supply chain management.”

Research & Development

The Ozpack team has qualifications and many years of experience in product (such as extrusion) and packaging development. We offer our customers help in product design, testing and formulation, processing techniques and packaging options.

International Procurement

It’s essential to have strong relationships with worldwide suppliers and businesses to source the right packaging solutions and raw materials at a competitive price.

Blending & Packaging Production

Ozpack blends multiple dry products and has the capability to pack food product into various formats and sizes.

From flexible materials for sachets and bags to ridged containers.

Quality & Service

Ozpack is committed to implementing and maintaining quality management systems and processes to enable us to deliver the highest practicable quality services.

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Ozpack has the quality systems and necessary certifications to meet the highest standards in the food industry, including Halal, BRC AA-Food Safety global standards, Australian Certified Organic and many third party certifications. Ozpack is also a CIFER registered manufacturing site.


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