Ozpack has the capability to blend dry ingredients and pack into numerous flexible and rigid packaging formats and sizes.

Pantry products we currently produce
– Cake & Pancake mixes
– Cereals
– Oats & Muesli
– Gravies & Soup Mixes
– Spices & cheese powders

Inner Display Cartons

Ozpack has the capability to pack into various sizes and styles of inner cartons from skillet to gable top cartons. We also specialise in packing multi variety into inner cartons (sachets, sticks & bags).

Jars & Bottles

Ozpack is able to blend and pack powders and particulate products into into screw plastic jars & bottles from 50g to 2kg.

Food Service Pails

Ozpack can pack into multi-use food service bucket pails from round to square formats in weights up to 10kg.

Sticks & Sachets

Ozpack has numerous stick machines from single lane to multi lane machines.
We are able to volumetrically or auger feed a variety of powders from soup to drink
mixes in a variety of lengths up to 180mm and widths from 15mm to 100mm.
We can manufacture 3 sided seal sachets from paper poly to paper foil poly.
We can pack printed or unprinted film in sizes from 80mm to 145mm wide.

Doy Bags

Our rotary machine is able to fill and seal various shapes and types of
pre-made bags from quad seal to DOY. The machine can accommodate the
popular resealable and zip-lock formats.  The line is versatile and fitted with an
Ishida weigh head; we can run anything from cereals to wrapped lollies and
then pack the Doy bags into the shipper of your choice.

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