Other than this, the unit does not come with a guide, as described. If you want to keep a check on your plants more often, you won’t be able to efficiently do this with the Growzilla. Our patent pending fluid glass system also allows you to watch your plant grow with the touch of a button. Take the stress out of your personal grow system. This ensures that your plant has all nutrients required for steady healthy growth. The LEAF Growbox is still only accepting pre-orders. This will get you the LEAF Growbox itself as well as one batch of nutrients, a carbon filter, air stones, Clay pebble (Hydroton) growing media, starter plugs, pH and TDS calibration fluids, and pruning shears. LEAF Grow Box. With consistently high quality yields and a small time commitment a Grow Box can make a great addition to any home. You may not get the complete product at once, and complete shipment may take much time. good news for Grobo. In case you want Seedo to grow completely automatically, you should grow one plant. LEAF is quieter they say at 35 decibels and Seedo maxes at 47ish. although in some categories in life bigger/larger is better, in this case the size of Leaf is an disadvantage as it needs to be plased somewhere in the house and a refrigider size box is difficult to “just” place it anywhere! So, whenever you want to show your plants or have a look at them, you would have to open the door that will result in light loss and temperature loss as well. Learn more about Leaf and buy here. The next product we will be reviewing is the Grandma’s Secret Garden 4.0. It can produce 7 pounds of cannabis every year, which is a bit more than the first one we reviewed as it can only produce 5 pounds. To toddler.